Deeperfect at Cacao Beach (Sunny Beach, BG) Stefano Noferini, Basti Grub, Gabriel Del

06/07/2016 | Events, News | No Comments
The sound of Deeperfect is the sound of the beach. If ever was a label so excelling in capturing that happy, summer feeling, it is Stefano Noferini’s imprint, and the boss himself will capture the beach on August 17th.
Nofernini’s sound signature is world-famous, and stretches beyond his own top-charted productions. Warm, powerful, melodic Tech House that works its charm on any possible floor, or, white sand.
His German accomplice on Cacao Beach is legendary producer Basti Grub, who stormed the charts in the past year with his mega-hit “Oh Baby Dance”, capturing Beatport’s overall chart 1st place for long weeks.
The two giants are known for their punchy, powerful kick designs and warm percussive elements, the exact kind that makes you lift your feet from the boiling August ground with enthusiasm and dance. Let the rhythm take over any physical challenge, let the groove dictate your agenda. It’s summer time, it’s Deeperfect!

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