Deeperfect at Kaivohuone (Helsinki – Finland) Stefano Noferini – Leonardo Gonnelli – Jekaterina

07/01/2016 | Events, News | No Comments
They say that the time between January and February is when winter really starts. Sure, it has been already freezing cold all over the continent and certainly in Helsinki, but a month after the smoke from new year’s eve parties fade, it is only at the beginning of February that you realize: damn, there is no sun in the horizon.
However, what the weather sometimes can’t do, music can. The winter belongs to techno. Yet, it does not have to be the cold, alienated kind that sends you back home to hide under the sheets for the rest of the week. Another tech is possible, and Deeperfect is the answer: with its warm, crisp sound, the label sends its very own leader Stefano Noferini, together with one of his top deputies Leonardo Gonnelli to heat up the Nordish night.
Cosy but powerful, pleasant and demanding. Together with local talent Jekaterina, the winter does not seem so long anymore. Join us on February 6th for a night filled with musical optimism!

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