Deeperfect at New Guass (Vergara – Spain) Stefano Noferini – Miguel Bastida – George Privatti

15/12/2015 | Events, News | No Comments
Winter. The dark days are here, demanding surrender. Are we ready to lay down are weapons yet? Not quite yet…
Color’s most faithful power, Deeperfect, is joining this battle. It has recruited its most colorful and energetic heroes in order to eventually send you out there, to the cold with the best of their medicine: a musical capsule of energy and groove. 
The match was set to December 19th. The chosen venue is Guass club in Bergara, Spain.
You can decide to be there, for this monumental event, or you can decide to stay safe under the covers. This way or another, you will be able to recognize the survivors:  grasping to their last powers, refusing to believe that they were indeed part of this night. Deeperfect has done it again. 
With an insane lineup that included the label’s highest commander, Stefano Noferini and his most highly ranked deputies: Miguel Bastida, George Privatti, Diego Gonzalez, David MK,  Carlos Perez and Chinthya Nes-K you should worry about what’s coming: winter darkness will take the shape of a cuddly friend. As for you, it is exactly what you needed:  the kind of music that charges your arteries with enough energies to run a marathon, though, we never asked you to. 

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